Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Pick a different celebrity that you would: kiss, have sex with, marry, and date. 

I would kiss Shemar Moore. We've already been dating for so long that it's not a big deal anymore...
Bradley Cooper would be the one I would have sex with. I think the most amazing thing would be to stare at his eyes when we're that close. They are amazing!
Obviously I would have to marry Ryan Reynolds, he seems like such a  nice guy and I bet he has an amazing personality.

For whatever reason I would love to date Daniel Craig, I have a thing for the older guys and he is right up my alley! Isn't he gorgeous?

Well, that's all for the 30 day challenge. I had a lot of fun and hope to do one again this summer--a successful one of course. 

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