Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 11

Christmas or Thanksgiving?

This is a boring question, why did I add this one to the challenge? 

Let's just wrap this one up quick, okay? Get this boring shit over with...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday compared to Christmas.

Mainly because it's cheaper.

It's not as competitive as Christmas either. I feel like every year I'm always begging my mom to buy me some amazing gift so that when I go to school after Christmas break I can say that I got this or that. I always want to get the better gifts than someone else.

The reality is we can't afford great gifts because my mom has a sucky job and is single with three children and a sick mother. 

Instead, Thanksgiving is truly about being with family. It's basically free since we have food stamps and it's always fun getting the food together with my mom and family.

It's nice and carefree and once Thanksgiving break is over I don't have to lie about what I got or what I did (unlike the lies I tell during Christmas time).

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