Wednesday, November 09, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

What's number one on your bucket list?

For sure it is to travel to at least 15 of the 50 states. Actually, why not make it all 50? I've been to South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Alabama, it's time to get out of the south.

The number one place I do want to go to, though, is Illinois. Specifically Chicago. Shopping there must be insane! I've heard that it's really beautiful...the tall buildings, the lights--like a mini version of New York (which I would also love to go to).
Traveling the United States would be a dream come true. I think that has to be the best part of being an American, the freedom. I can go anywhere, live anywhere and it's no big deal. I'm not sure if other countries are like this (I'm sure many are) but if they are I'm sure the people of those countries would agree that the freedom is simply amazing.

Wouldn't it be amazing to read if I actually did this and then decided to blog about it?

Tied for number one on my bucket list would be getting married, but we'll get into that another time.

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