Saturday, November 05, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Something no one would guess about you.

What is something no one would guess about me? I have already told you basically everything about me.

Well, I love being weird.

And not just "say weird things, make weird faces" type of thing.

I mean, on a normal Friday night (if I am home), you can easily find me upstairs, in my room, dancing ans singing to Adele and Jessie J with my Barbie wig and a prom dress on.

It gets really intense too, sometimes I go one step further from lip singing to actual singing, or even humming. The humming comes in on the high notes...

There's actual choreography for the Jessie J songs. I might do the same "dance moves" for the chorus something like that.

And if I haven't weirded you out enough, I'll even do my makeup on days that I'm feeling extra into it!

I'll stop now before someone calls the mental institution on me.

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