Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Image: / Grant Cochrane

A secret not even your best friends know.

Well um, most of my best friends/friends do not know that I have trashed my friend Sabrina anonymously online.

I said all these horrible things about how she is fat and ugly. Simply because I was mad at her for kissing Derek behind my back.

I kept attacking her on there until she got super defensive and quit.

I mean, she is fat and he's sexy so I went crazy saying that he probably was embarrassed about it and ashamed.

I'm a horrible person, I know. No need to remind me.

I never told her or anyone for that matter.

Later I felt really bad about it and almost wanted to confess, but I didn't.

I'll never tell anyone either. It's a really horrible thing to do.

And what's worse is that she suspected that it was me and when she asked I lied and told her it wasn't.