Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 23

Five things you've been obsessed with lately.

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Victoria's Secret. Pretty much anything related to that name. I just purchased the bikini top I mentioned on my last BYOC post and I am SO excited to have that sexy thing on me! I also bought another bikini top, it's a bright pink, polka dotted bikini top that I got on clearance for only $9.99 and it's push up! They had a Thanksgiving promo; free shipping on all U.S. orders (no limits!). Of course I took advantage, got both for only $60. Seriously...I cannot wait for them to get here.

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My camera. Remember how excited I was to get my Nikon Coolpix s3000 last year? Well, I'm still excited about it now! It takes great pictures and is really easy to work with. Getting macro shots is kind of a pain but I've gotten used to it and found other ways to make it work.
Swagbucks. What is it you may ask? Well is a GPT site that allows you to complete offers, play games, use their own search engine, and watch videos for points (but in their case they call the points "swagbucks") once you reach a certain amount of points you get to redeem them for a prize. I normally get Paypal giftcards. I've earned over $50 from this site and I plan on earning  more.

And no matter what anyone says, this is NOT a scam website. It actually works. How do you think I purchased that bikini I just mentioned? Through my earnings on Swagbucks.

Blog templates. I am currently looking for blog designs for my nail polish blog I have. I really like the one above but I am always on the hunt for something even better. This one is from who has premade templates, customs and free blog backgrounds. I want something as simple as this with accents. This one is perfect. Isn't it just gorgeous? I plan on purchasing in the next couple months.

(a rough sketch of my dream room)
A bedroom makeover. I actually share a room with my sister but soon they (my brother and sister) will be leaving for college and I will have a room to myself. Finally!

I have never in entire life had my own room. Whether we were in a condo, house, apartment, hotel motel...I always had to share a room with my sister.

So,of course, I am insanely excited to get my own room and also design it.

We rent a town-home so I can't go too crazy but since the walls are white I am basing the room around that. The bed frame, dresser and nightstands will be black. The bedspread/pillows will be black white and purple. There will be purple curtains, a white bench near the window (with purple pillows) and a black rug under the bench (this I'm still considering). Then I will have my computer along the side of one wall and my T.V. directly across from my bed on the dresser. I have a big walk in closet so there won't be a need for more than one dresser.

It's going to be beautiful and of course I will be taking pictures of everything and the process!

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