Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 18

fry mountain
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Something you're craving.


No, I'm kidding, of course...

During health class this week, we've been talking about nutrition and exercise and also watching Supersize Me.

The entire time I was watching the movie I could not stop thinking about McDonald's.

They have my favorite fries of all time...greasy, soft, and DELICIOUS.

I also love their McChicken sandwich. Simple and also....delicious. I've really never ordered anything else from their menu. I guess I have when I was younger but not in the last six years.

I know it's horrible to be watching a movie on why not to eat fast foods (specifically McDonald's) and then wanting it as soon as possible.

But really, if I could have some McDonald's right now, that would be great.

They're deliciously unhealthy.

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