Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Describe your perfect life.

My perfect life would be the complete oppposite of what I'm living today.

I would obviously have a lot of money. I wouldn't want to be "rich" though.

I'd have an excellent career working as a social worker, and maybe even opening up my own practice.

I would be married to the perfect guy. Sensitive, sweet, nice, romantic, and of course, attractive. The sex would be amazing.

I'd have a daughter or son who  was well behaved. If it was a girl she would me a mama's girl, if it was a boy...well he'd be a mama's boy too.

If I really did have a girl I would possibly call her Lorelai, or that would be her middle name at least.

I'd have a nice, expensive car that all my friends would be envious of. By the way, I'd have a lot of friends. Close friends, not in a stuck up "I'm popular" way. We would hang out often and go to each other for anything.

I would have all the nail polish in the world, and my husband would surprise me every now and then with some nail polish (why wouldn't he? he's perfect remember?)

And again, the sex...would be amazing because he'd probably look something like this:

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