Tuesday, November 01, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

A controversal topic and what side you are on.

Oh, a controversial topic I talk about a lot is the death penalty. So many people are for this, and I must admit, they have good reasoning. But I am 99.9% against it.

The other .1% we will get to in a second.

I understand that the death penalty is made to keep the nation safer and free of psycho killers, but if we kill them (no matter what the reason or method), how are we any better than they are?

Yes, yes, an innocent life is a lot different than one of a murderer but that is not for us to determine.

Life, nature, God...those should be the people and things that decide when someone is going to die. Not humans.

Now I know I haven't won anyone over yet, and I'm not trying to. I just want you to understand where I am coming from.

Not only is it, in my opinion, just as inhumane as any other type of murder (because YES, the death penalty is murder), but it is also inconvenient.

It's expensive to kill someone using lethal injection. It can cost up to $2 million for one prosecution. As opposed to life in prison which in some cases, are only $500,000 in comparison.

Killing is wrong.

If it's okay to kill someone because they are a murderer, etc., is it okay to kill my neighbor when I have a problem with them? Is death an okay penalization for wrong doing?

Also, when you kill a murderer who already has nothing to live for, how in the hell is that punishment? Keeping him in prison for life is what I call punishment. That is real torture.

The .1% of an exception is if you are a crazy murderer who keeps escaping from jail and cannot be tamed, then I will put my foot down (after dozens of attempts to control the psycho, of course) and allow the death penalty.

But, seriously, even that sickens me.

No matter what side you are on, the main thing is that killing is wrong. Period. No matter what.

I can't believe that it's even legal.

*For more info and facts about the death penalty and why I'm against it, visit http://www.antideathpenalty.org.

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